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The glass studio at Wheaton

Not only does the process offer the opportunity of creating large scale and intricate forms, it also results in objects which have a fluidity and 'glassiness' that is usually only associated with molten glass. The final forms really begin to suggest growth and movement. It is these ideas of subtle progression, of succulent forms with almost alien energy that she pursued at Wheaton Village .

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'The American Experience...'
2005 Artist in Residency - January - April.
Creative Glass Centre of America, Wheaton Village, Millville, New Jersey , USA.

Early in 2005 Elizabeth Swinburne was awarded a three month residency at the CGCA near Philadelphia , New Jersey . She used her time to extensively experiment and explore new ideas and new technical processes. Most of her past work has utilised hot forming techniques, either blowing or sand casting, however, her new series of work combines hot formed elements with kiln casting and fusing.

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